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Wildcats Development League (WDL) is open to boys in 2nd and 3rd grade(or age equivalent) and 4th grade boys who have never participated in WDL.  The mission of WDL is to introduce young athletes to the proper skills and techniques of basketball, while helping to develop a passion for the game, in a fun and well organized game structure.  WDL players are then encouraged to transition to our Wildcats Club program as they become age eligible.
The first 45 minutes will be skills development and instruction.  This includes the proper mechanics with footwork, hand-eye coordination, dribbling, shooting, passing as well as court lingo.  We will also discuss various rules of the game and adhere to them in the second half of the session which are games.  On the last session players will be divided into teams and play in a tournament where we bring in both scoreboards and referees. 
WDL was developed and is run by current Wildcats coaches and players.  This league is open to boys in 2nd or 3rd grade, and 4th grade boys who have never participated in WDL.  All players must fit the following criteria:
  • can easily shoot at a regulation-height basketball hoop (10 feet)
  • can easily hold, dribble, pass and catch a basketball
  • can follow directions
  • are enthusiastic about learning the game of basketball in a fun, structured setting
  • aspire to play for a Wildcats traveling team when they become grade eligible