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Junior Wildcats is one of our most popular programs.  Junior Wildcats specializes in the basic basketball skills and development for girls and boys ages 5-7 years old (5 year olds must be in Kindergarten).
The mission of Junior Wildcats is to introduce young athletes to the proper skills and technic of basketball while helping to develop a passion for the game, in a fun and well organized structure.  This includes but not limited to basic mechanics with footwork (jump stops, pivots), bouncing, dribbling and catching a basketball.  In addition we will introduce "court lingo" so they can understand basic terminology and court dynamics.  Junior Wildcats players can easily transition to the Wildcats Development League (WDL) as they become age eligible.  Junior Wildcats was developed and is run by current Wildcats coaches and players.  If you have a young child interested in basketball and fits the criteria below, please join us at one of our upcoming clinics:
  • ​can hold, bounce and catch a ball
  • can listen and follow instruction
  • ​is enthusiastic about learning the game of basketball in a fun, structured setting