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What Separates Our Practices From Other High School Programs?

We call our practices Skill Development Workouts.  Every practice of every level in the Wildcats Basketball High School Program will consist of 1% Club Basketball skill development.  1% Club Basketball is the organization that conducts our skill development workouts.  We are focused, and totally committed to maximizing each of our player's future potential.  Please read more below about the 1% Club organization.

1% Club Basketball is the nation's leader in offering its unique curriculum for grades 9-12.  This year-round training program will no doubt guarantee you the results you have been looking for with your high schoool player.  The curriculum is cutting edge, age-appropriate, progressive, yet challenging, utilizing some of the top training instructors and equipment on the market.  Our motto is "Train for Gains, Not to Maintain!".  Let our high school skill training programs help your son reach his potential.  Please visit our website www.1percentclub.org for more information.

Selected players determined by the program will also participate in the most prestigious program that 1% Club offers.  "GREEN ROOM TRAINING" (GRT), which is geared for NBA, WNBA, overseas professionals, elite high school and college athletes.  The program, based in a secluded community in Northern California, is geared toward the serious basketball athlete looking to advance in their career.  Coach Russotti doesn't just train his athletes to become successful, but mentally to become unstoppable.  Says Coach Russetti, "There is more than just victory or success.  There is an ideal victory, or a beautiful victory.  I want my clients to become basketball artists - striving for more than just having success but almost perfection.  I believe that expectation is where our training separates from most others."  GRT is THE program for developing the superior skills to be successful at the next level.  For more informaiton, please visit www.greenroomtraining.net